The Monterra Villas at has been created with careful attention to detail. From beautifully manicured grounds to the abundant amenities offered.

Superior design, craftsmanship and construction, along with skilled and attentive service personnel make
The Monterra Villas the hallmark of quality in Bay City.

The Monterra Villas apartment community has a distinct advantage of bringing you tranquil living at an affordable price that you can enjoy.
One look at the Monterra Villas will convince you that is a wonderful place to live. The apartment homes feature newly refurbished finishes and design,
spacious living, and beautiful lush terrain. The exterior features landscaped greenery and pathways to explore this cozy
neighborhood. Everything you desire for comfortable, stylish living.

Premier Moneil Properties

All sister properties known as “PREMIER MONEIL COMMUNITIES” are owned by Moneil Management Group.
You can reach us at info@moneilig.com.